Love her or hate her, we can’t deny her incredible vocal range, or her keen business sense. She was able to turn herself into a renowned superstar by the young age of 31. Christina epitomizes the definition of a truly successful woman, and has managed to successfully morphed herself from a teenage pop star into an international icon. Christina doesn’t compromise herself, nor her vision of who she is and where she wants to go. I admire Christina tremendously for her talent and her amazing ability to not give a s*#t about what other people think.

Here is what she has to say in the latest edition of Rolling Stone magazine, where she is featured on the cover with the cast of her hit show, The Voice.

“Everything outside of my home and my vision and my goals for myself is noise. I keep my focus on where I want to go in my career. The train ain’t slowing down anytime soon. I want to be on that stage, 80 years old, singing some old blues song, with a cane, and croak that way when it’s my time.”

Rock on, xtina!!