I’ve started a little project where I’m collecting all of the funny, loving, cynical, witty, heartfelt and emotional texts and emails that my best girlfriends have sent to me over the years. (Of course, their names will remain anonymous for the fear of these kick ass women kicking my ass for the shout out. Hehehe!).

After all, aren’t these “The Things That Women Say”? These are the meat and potatoes of our deepest and most meaningful female friendships. The stuff that is said when we need our friends the most. The words that are exchanged during good times, bad times, the times when we were bringing new life into the world or saying goodbye to a life that had already been long lived. They are the words that might have been said to me when a friend just needed to be heard. A time when I just needed to listen and to not speak. These excerpts are the beauty and strength that come right from the heart when no one else can hear us but our dear friends.

As I dig through all of my past correspondence with my “chicks”, it’s made me laugh out loud. It’s made me smile from ear to ear at how these special people are able tomake me laugh like no others. I’ve cried as I’ve revisited my pain and also the pain of my friends.

I’m trying to collect more of these things that the most amazing women on the planet say to us when we need their words the most. If you have anything to add, please email me at thethingswomensay@gmail.com.

I would love to hear the things that women say to all of you, because there are no words more powerful then these on this face of this planet.

Can’t wait to hear from all of you!