“7 Rules of Summer Sun Safety”:
(print them out and post them on the fridge!)

1. Go with an SPF of at least 30

2. The rule of thumb for applying sunscreen is 1 oz, or the equivalent of 1 shot glass, for your body and a teaspoon for your face

3. You musy reapply every two hours without exception for maximum protection.

4. Spray sunscreens aren’t as powerful as lotions. If you have to use a spray, look for the one that says “continuous spray”. Lotions, creams and sticks are more effective as proven in FDA studies.

5. Make sure you always apply sun protection on your lips, with at least an SPF 30. Skin cancers of the lower lip are especially aggressive and are more likely to spread faster, according to dermatologists.

6. Don’t forget to protect your scalp and make sure to apply SPF along your part.

7. Sunscreen should NEVER be the first line of defense against the sun’s harmful rays. The best protection is shade, clothing, hats and avoiding the noontime sun.