The Best Summer Mascaras:

I’ve been asked by so many of my clients in these recent hot days, “What’s the best summertime mascara? Being the complete product whore that I am, I can’t help but to try out nearly every single mascara that’s on the market. Let me save you time and hard cold cash, by narrowing this frustrating ordeal down for you ladies.

Here are my TOP Summertime Mascara Picks:

BADgal by Benefit Waterproof Mascara ($19)
I can swim with this mascara on and it literally does NOT come off, even after multiple dips in the ocean! It doesn’t have the thickening effects of some of my other favorite nighttime mascaras, but this is one of my faves when I’m poolside or at the beach. Also, it’s great for my sensitive eyes that I always seem to be rubbing. This product is still a top seller at Sephora for all of these years because it works!

Yves Saint Laurent Everlong Waterproof Mascara ($28)

I absolutely love this mascara. Aside from the adorable gold packaging, it coats the lashes evenly and without clumping. I love the quality and texture of the product and it never gets greasy. It stays on nicely without smudging even in the heat, sun and sand. Added bonus: the large sized brush makes it easy for me to get all of my lashes. This one is well worth the money in my opinion!

Mascara DON’T:
Lucky magazine led me on a chase for what they described as a fantastic product, Hard Candy’s “Shiny When Wet” waterproof mascara/eyeliner duo, $7, available at Walmart. Within an hour of application and being in the Florida heat, my mascara turned greasy and dripped down my face. In the case of waterproof mascara, you get what you pay for.

Happy Weekend and may your mascara stay on your gorgeous eyelashes!