I’ve recently become obsessed with the vintage, pinup style trend of wearing red lipstick. When I say that I’m obsessed with it, that’s a drastic understatement. There is nothing sexier and more fabulous than the sight of those perfect red lips!

I was in NYC last week, and of course; I went shopping at all my faves like Saks, Bloomies and of course my absolute fav, Henri Bendel. I turned a blind eye to most of the fashion collections and various summer sales that were going on, and found myself on the prowl for the perfect shade of red to paint my lips with. I visited every makeup counter that I could get my hands on and tried on every shade of red currently being sold. (yes, I really did do this as I am slave to my research, as I’d like to think of it as).

Here are my finds:

MAC, Hey, Sailor collection:
The merchandising and marketing of this summer collection made it an instant “must have” for me. I waited in line at Saks like a greedy child in a candy store at lunchtime. When it was finally my turn, I was told that they were sold out of the majority of the collection. WTF?!?!!! Now I even wanted it more. It was sold out all over the city and I wasn’t having it! I eventually scored my perfect shade at the MAC store in Philadelphia days later. Apparently, the rest of the free word wanted these fab shades too. The shade “Sail La Vie” was the object of my dearest affection.

Need I say more? Chanel is always my go to makeup, even though I’m not always a fan of their über expensive pricing strategy. I spent about 30 minutes at their vast Saks (Fifth Avenue location) counter and literally went through all of their reds. Even the sales girls were getting into my “pinup red” obsession. I finally settled on the lipstick Rouge Coco #19 “Gabrielle”, which is ironically my cousins name, and the lip liner “rouge” #24. It lines the lip with a perfection that one could only
hope for when daring to wear red. “Gabrielle” cries out to be worn and admired on the lips of us obsessed fashionistas of the world!

See below for my pictures of these treasures and if you love them, I suggest running to your nearest cosmetic counter for it. (even today, 1,400 miles away from NYC, I’m still hunting at my local MAC stores for the remaining unsold items from the “Hey, Sailor” collection.

Bon Voyage, baby!