Hmmmmmm……shall we try this lovely little recipe for slimming tea?

I was relaxing earlier today and reading through the latest issue of Health magazine. (I’ve convinced myself that if I read it from cover to cover; I will motivate myself to exercise more and to make healthier choices when it comes to food.)

I just read about this “Slimming Tea created by Jackie Newgent, author of the upcoming 1,000 Low Calorie Recipes. It’s supposed to “keep your metabolism humming”, according to Health!

Here’s the recipe:
Fill 2 quart pitcher with brewed green tea or jasmine green tea.

Add thin slices from 1 jalapeño pepper

one 1″ piece of ginger

1 lime

sweeten w a zero calorie sweetener like Stevia.

Am I skinnier yet??? Let me know what you guys think of this if you decide to make it. I’ll post my thoughts too!

Btw….here’s the link to the article:,,20516496_2,00.html