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How appropriate, right? I so need these killer heels for my collection.



I wrote a post last week about the “Must Have” accessory for every woman on the the planet……the Gold Cuff bracelet!

I didn’t have my vintage VSA favorite on me at the time, so I just had to take a picture of it and post it for you. This is one from their collection from about 5 years ago, but it’s undeniably my fav!

If you haven’t checked out their designs before, check them out at http://www.vsadesigns.com. (and NO….I’m not getting paid by them or am associated with them in any way. I just LOVE their stuff and love that nobody, except for super cool celebs have their pieces or really knows about them.)


I’m obsessed with Wren for Minnetonka. Seriously obsessed. Read about designer and founder of Wren, Melissa Corker, and about how she managed to partner up with the famous shoe maker. I promise, you’ll be obsessed too!

Check her bio out at http://wrenstudio.com/

Here are some pics from her “Fall 2012” collaboration with Minnetonka. These killer shoes are a total must have for fall!





One of the best ways to glam
up any outfit is to add a stellar gold cuff to your ensemble. Investing in a quality gold cuff is an essential staple to any fashionistas wardrobe. It works with everything from a dress with heels to jean shorts paired with a t-shirt.

For hundreds of years, women have been wearing gold cuffs as a sign of power and high fashion. Gold cuff bracelets date back to as early as 1000 – 1500, where they were found in ancient Incan graves. Cuffs were also worn by the Roman’s, Egyptians and other countries throughout Africa. Even the iconic Wonder Woman wore gold cuffs on both of her wrists to protect herself. It’s a timeless trend that’s worth the investment!

I’ve attached a picture of my coveted baby (the one with the crown in the middle) and a few others that I absolutely love! My gold cuff is from the fabulous collection at Virgins, Saints and Angels. Check out some of their amazing designs at http://www.vsadesigns.com. Celebrities such as Steven Tyler, Rhianna (seen below wearing a VSA cuff), Tim McGraw, Katherine McPhee, Lourdes Leon and Demi Lovato have been photographed in their designs. I’m a huge fan of their line and am always looking to add on to my collection!!





Wanna know what the next biggest hair trend is for fall??

Cacharel Hair, of course!

Be one step ahead of every fashionista out there and show off this hot, new trend! This look was all over the fall runway at the Cacharel show and is even featured in the July issue of Lucky magazine.

Here’s how to get this simple and easy look:

1. Part your hair into a chic, edgy side part.

2. Pin in 4 to 5 red bobby pins on the side.

3. Add matching red lipstick to complete the look.

This is a simple and easy look for anyone to achieve and you can bet that you’re going to see this trend all over this fall.

Red bobby pins, or any color, can be found at ulta.com or on amazon.com.

(photo courtesy of Lucky magazine)


This summer it’s all about a pop of bright, bold colors and I must say that I’m crazy about yellow!

From my long, yellow Susana Monaco strapless, maxi dress to my teeny tiny, yellow and white polka dot bikini, I have yellow fever! I’ve been popping this color everywhere from a discreet yellow and navy necklace paired with a white tank and white linen pants, to my favorite Chanel nail polish in shades of yellow (2011’s Chanel Mimosa and this season’s limited edition Gold Fingers as a fashion statement on my toes and fingers)

Some of my favorite ways to “do” yellow are the following:

1. White linen pants with a white sheer tank top. Pair it up with navy Tory Burch sandals with gold logo and you have perfection! Add a yellow headband and the result is instant style!

2. Dark denim skinny jeans with a white blouse or white blazer with white tank top. Add yellow shoes or handbag for an elegant, yet trend setting touch.

3. A long yellow dress with a simple long gold necklace and sandals.

4. White shorts like the “Sateenfrom The Banana Republic Trina Turk Collection, $50, paired with a yellow top, brown or navy belt and simple sandals makes for a great “daytime summer” outfit..

5. Carry this look into the night by throwing a fitted navy blazer w/ rolled sleeves (J Crew Schoolboy blazer, $198) over a yellow tank top, gold, stacked bangle bracelets with cork colored high heel. (of course, I always wear my cork Loubis for instant glamour!).

6. The yellow bikini! This one will make you a goddess of the beach! Add a worn, light colored, denim shirt for your cover up. Gold rimmed Ray Ban aviators for your sunglasses and a natural straw, floppy sun hat.

Remember: The key to making a statement with color is to always look classically chic. A simple addition of color is the best way to stand out in a crowd and to show the world that you are a true fashionista on top of the latest trends!






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