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Kate Spade “Normandy Park” Circle Bag

Here I go again, ranting and raving about all of the items that I MUST HAVE for fall.

One of the trends that we are seeing this fall is the circle bag. The last time I used a circle bag was back in 1992 when I had a red, leather Paloma Picasso one. It was given to me as a gift and I absolutely worshipped it! (kinda wish that I didn’t get rid of it right about now.)

Polka Dots are another trend that we’re seeing everywhere too, from jeans to scarves and shoes to purses. When it comes to trends, I like to keep it simple, using the principle that less is more, and I like to be able to wear the trendy item more than just one time. For example, I love the concept of polka dotted jeans, but I’m not sure how many times I can wear them without the look getting stale.

I fell in love with Kate Spade’s “Normandy Park” polka dot bag, $298, from katespade.com. It’s a patent leather black bag that features the most perfect sized white polka dots. The size of the circle bag is 6.2”h x 6.2”w x 2.3”d, so it’s perfect for a lipstick, cell phone and cash/credit cards. Makes a great statement for either day or night, and it also comes in black and red.





Simple Ways to Burn 100 Calories Right Now


Charlotte Olympia “Blue Moon” Pump

How appropriate, right? I so need these killer heels for my collection.


Who Am I?


Jackie Newgent’s Slimming Tea

Hmmmmmm……shall we try this lovely little recipe for slimming tea?

I was relaxing earlier today and reading through the latest issue of Health magazine. (I’ve convinced myself that if I read it from cover to cover; I will motivate myself to exercise more and to make healthier choices when it comes to food.)

I just read about this “Slimming Tea created by Jackie Newgent, author of the upcoming 1,000 Low Calorie Recipes. It’s supposed to “keep your metabolism humming”, according to Health!

Here’s the recipe:
Fill 2 quart pitcher with brewed green tea or jasmine green tea.

Add thin slices from 1 jalapeño pepper

one 1″ piece of ginger

1 lime

sweeten w a zero calorie sweetener like Stevia.

Am I skinnier yet??? Let me know what you guys think of this if you decide to make it. I’ll post my thoughts too!

Btw….here’s the link to the article:

Friday’s Quote of the Day


Tkees……I’m Beyond Obsessed!

If you’ve never heard of Tkees flip-flops and you dont already own a pair, you need to stop reading this and run out to the nearest store to buy a pair. Maybe even three pairs. I am seriously beyond obsessed with this line.

My very best friend introduced me to this brand by buying me a pair as a surprise for my birthday. They are the lovely pink pair from their Zinc collection and I was of course drawn right into their marketing spell when I read their punch line, “Cosmetics for your Feet”. So there I go….kicking off my Gucci slides and giving these puppies a little try on right there during our lunch date. I give a little sly smile to the waiter as he notices me changing my shoes as he makes his way over to take our order. I brush him off by giving him my sweetest little smile with a quick, “you know how it is with women and shoes” line. I tell my friend that they really are like cosmetics for your feet and point out that they look exceptionally fantastic considering that I just had my toes perfectly polished with my “go to” shade of Linkin Park After Dark.

When I got home after my lunch date, I went on to their website, www.Tkees.com, and it was singing to me with all of the different styles and color combinations. I ordered two more pairs. And then another, just because I saw this color on flip flop queen, Angelina Jolie, and so I just had to have them too. Here’s a little snippet about these lovelies right from the “About” page on their website and about the founders of this company. You are sure to fall in love….!

“For Jesse and Carly Burnett, the husband and wife duo behind TKEES (t-keys), it was a no-brainer—Carly yearned for a sandal that would “disappear” on your foot. “We’d walk out the door barefoot if we could, but it’s not appropriate for every occasion,” she says.

Thus, in the summer of 2009, using a simple thong sandal as their base, the couple (she with a degree from the School of Visual Arts and he with a background in business and real estate) produced a collection that was divided into color categories: Foundations, Creams, Liners, Glosses and more. Branded as “cosmetics for your feet,” TKEES was born, and has become the go-to sandal for easy, fresh and sophisticated everyday dressing.

Carly, the ultimate flip-flop girl, was never big on makeup, but loved its myriad color collections. She sifted through her mom’s cosmetic case and traveled the world with Jesse to build their business, finding continued inspiration in makeup stores and cosmetic counters. “The categories we created are natural and organic,” she says, “everything fits together.” The couple has stayed true to their mission, with customers applauding the sandals for their casual elegance and ease of wear—a no-brainer indeed.”

-Tkees.com (source)





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