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Whether you like Kim Kardashian or you don’t, America is obsessed with her and her pregnancy. I’ve read countless blog posts and magazine articles about her pregnancy fashion choices and her supposed enormous weight gain. Though its comforting to see that I wasn’t the only woman who’s body changed during pregnancy, I really feel badly for the starlet over the slamming of her current weight. Since when has America gotten so mean??

As a society supposedly against bullying in our schools, aren’t we sending the exact opposite message by publicly bullying Ms. Kardashian on an international level on a daily basis? Imagine the consequences one would face if we harassed a pregnant woman about her weight gain in our workplace, or better yet; made fun of a student because of their weight gain at school? The consequences would be dire and severe for the perpetrator! Yet then we wonder why our children are bullying or are the ones being bullied in schools and on the streets? We wonder why we have all of this conflict and violence in our society? Maybe it’s because we are teaching one another that its ok to bash and make fun of one another when we aren’t picture perfect. This level of thinking is inherently flawed and only further contaminates the minds of our society. We teach one another that it’s ok to judge and be judged at any given moment and that this behavior is perfectly acceptable.

Headlines make money, but they shouldn’t come at the expense of any pregnant woman. Ever. The message that we are sending to our society with these articles is in stark contrast to what we preach as a society. We might as well just abolish all anti-bullying campaigns if we tolerate making fun of a pregnant woman’s weight on our magazine shelves at our local grocery stores.

Fame or no fame, Kim is still a human being with insecurities and feelings. Stop the bullying and the hatred. It’s NOT ok.



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